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Multifunctional Tips

We’ve compiled a list of the most popular tips to help your get the most out of your Lab of Less Skincare. Because fewer products doesn’t have to mean compromise, in fact - when it comes to our products, less really is more.

'No Dirt' Balancing Oil Cleanser

Oil cleansers offer a beautifully gentle cleansing experience. They don't 'foam' or 'bubble' like other common cleansers, but instead work on the notion that 'oil attracts oil', to lift impurities from the skin + deep within the pores, without over drying.

Oil cleansing also helps to re-balance the skin, and prevent over production of sebum during the day. With regular use, this cleansing method is incredibly beneficial in fighting acne and reducing signs of ageing.

As Facial Cleanser: apply a pea sized amount to dry skin, massage in to remove makeup, grime and pollutants. Once thoroughly cleansed, add water to skin and continue massaging in circular motions until the cleanser turns to milk. Rinse clean to enjoy a silky, moisturised afterfeel. 

As a Body Cleanser: apply a couple of pumps to damp skin (not under direct water flow) and massage vigorously, then use a loofa to create a milky lather. Rinse clean.

Tip: gently tilt bottle upside down and back before first use to ensure you receive a little of every drop of our luxurious natural oils.


'Everywhere' Antioxidant Oil

This is one that does it all - from the body, to the hair, in shower, as a lip protector, or mixed with existing products - you name it. This is one you're going to want to pack in your handbag for daily multi-functional use. 

As Skin Food: apply a couple of drops to dry or damp skin (face or body) twice a day. Use as the final step in your skincare routine - or the only one!

In the Shower: apply to wet skin in shower (outside of running water) to trap moisture and give your skin a deep hydration boost. Simply step out of shower and pat dry - no need to apply any other moisturiser.

For Healthy Hair: apply a few drops to damp hair ends and style as normal to tame flyaways. Or, comb through with your conditioner or on its own for a deeply nourishing treatment (can be left on over night). Wash thoroughly and style as normal.

Level-up a Moisturiser: mix a few drops in with your regular moisturiser, and apply to face and/or body to add a nourishing antioxidant boost.

As Facial Cleanser: apply a few drops to dry skin massage in to remove dirt, makeup and impurities. Remove with a warm washcloth.

In Sunny Climates: apply to body after / before sun to protect dry skin - especially useful in sunny climates to give skin an antioxidant boost and help protect from free-radicals.


'Stay Balanced' Active Enzyme Hydrator

Moisturiser: apply morning and night to cleansed skin on the face or body. Stay Balanced has active Hyaluronic Acid within the formulation, which attracts moisture, so we recommend leaving skin slightly damp upon application for an extra hydration boost.

For a gentle exfoliation: once a week, apply a thick layer to the face and leave on overnight. Apply sunscreen the next day.