Our Mission

Lab of Less exists to simplify skincare for all humans – regardless of skin type, gender or location, reducing the mental load and confusion that so often accompanies the 'loud' beauty industry as we know it today. Established in New Zealand in 2021 with a mission to de-clutter the industry by providing multi-purpose formulations with proven efficacy.

We believe skincare should be highly effective, un-fussy, and kind to the planet. Our guiding philosophy is to always keep things simple. We're here to reduce the steps in your beauty and grooming routine, avoid skincare jargon, and prevent waste - without compromising on the performance you'd expect from any luxury skincare brand.

Our Story

Lab of Less founder, Haylee, has always been passionate about the ocean. An avid free-diver, it was a hobby she looked forward to every weekend. But through her years of diving, she noticed first hand the effect that humans were having on the ocean, particularly when it came to plastic pollution.

Also a skincare advocate to nourish her skin after those salty sessions, it soon became obvious to her just how many different products she was using, all for very different purposes, but all housed in single use plastic.

She wondered if there was a better way to get the same high-end results she sought, but with less. Less waste, complication, clutter and harm to the planet. And after searching and finding that such a thing didn't exist, she decided to create it.

Working alongside a cosmetic chemist, it was important to Haylee that she touched every aspect of the brands development from start to finish, understanding the role of every ingredient and the process of safe, efficaious formulation. With every batch now hand crafted and packed with love and care in her Grey Lynn laboratory.

As well as undertaking vigourous testing on real humans with real skin concerns, she had a non-negotiable approach to ensuring sustainable yet beautiful packaging. After more than two years in development, she landed on the hero products you see today. A complete face and body care ritual, in just three bottles.

Our Products

Our hero products are a luxurious set of just the essentials, formulations that effectively target the skin’s daily needs with a focus on keeping the skin barrier healthy. All skin needs the same fundamentals to function perfectly, ingredients that nourish not strip and support balanced PH levels. So our formulas are designed with this principle in mind. By focusing on correcting the root cause of inflammatory skin conditions, we can achieve much more with fewer products and ensure a solution that is preventative, not just corrective - regardless of skin type.

This approach helps to eliminate concerns such as acne, psoriasis, rosacea and flaking, stops pollutants getting in and shields the skin from free-radicals from the sun.

Our products are all powerful standalone formulations, but they are also gentle enough to be paired and blended with other personal favourites.

Our Packaging

We've intentionally designed a label that doesn't scream, but is quietly confident. A calming, functional and genderless aesthetic that compliments any environment. Our packaging is made from 'Biophotonic' Miron Glass, which filters out harmful light frequencies to protect the potency of our delicate formulations and retain ingredient efficacy. This specialized glass also gives the bottles a lengthy lifetime - they are hardy and can be washed, sterilised and refilled time and time again. Plus they are 100% recyclable - so no part of our packaging ends up in landfill. We've worked incredibly hard to find the perfect solution to minimize environmental impact, and are very proud of where we have landed today.