Learn: The New Retinol

Learn: The New Retinol

For years, anyone looking to smooth out fine lines, even out hyperpigmentation and fight acne breakouts found the internet touted one incredible ingredient. 

Retinol, a synthetic derivative of vitamin A. It became the go-to miracle serum found frequently in skin care routines.

The best part? It’s available over-the-counter and effective for promoting collagen production and revitalizing skin.

But there’s a new alternative making an entrance into the skin care world: Bakuchiol.

We absolutely love bakuchiol because it isn’t synthetically created in a lab while retinols are.

It’s a completely plant-based ingredient and derived from babchi plant seeds (psoralea corylifolia).

Bakuchiol doesn’t have the same molecular shape as retinols, but it does have the same functionality.

When it comes to looking for a natural alternative to retinol, bakuchiol checks all the boxes.

It’s a simple way to get all the benefits of a retinol, naturally.

As we age, our skin produces less collagen, takes longer to complete cell turnover and has lots of damage from environmental stressors. This causes dull skin, sagging and fine lines to develop. Bukchiol can help remedy that.

Bakuchiol can promote collagen renewal, and improve skin turnover. With its potent antioxidants, it can target free radicals and spare skin from environmental stressors and their damaging effects.

In other words, it’s a natural anti-aging ingredient that helps to firm up skin.

For people struggling with hyperpigmentation and acne prone skin, bakuchiol does wonders in soothing and erasing acne and evening out skin tone.

Due to its unique molecular structure, bakuchiol is less irritating to skin than retinol. Skin irritation is often noted as one of the down sides of using retinol, along with flaking, dryness, redness and burning.

It’s a barrier for people who want to improve skin health.

Bakuchiol is great to add to your routine if you have sensitive skin. Bakuchiol is much gentler on skin than retinol. So you can get all the benefits of retinol without the side effects.

Bakuchiol can be used in a serum or oil. You’ll want to look for products that have bakuchiol extract and contain concentrations of 0.5–2%. This is the most effective concentration to get visible results. 

Choose a serum if you want a lightweight option and if you are using a combination of different skin care products. Use an oil if you’re looking to moisturize and quench thirsty skin. If you’re incorporating bakuchiol in the morning, be sure to follow it up with a broad spectrum sunscreen SPF or greater.

Adding bakuchiol is easy to add to your skin routine. Our ‘Stay Balanced’ Enzyme Hydrator contains 2% bakuchiol and boosts skin regeneration for smooth, youthful skin. It’s a no fuss, light-weight cream that not only nourishes skin, but prevents aging.

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