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Have you made promises to yourself to do more for your skin, but lack the time and commitment to stick to a routine? Perhaps you’re seeking a solution to support graceful ageing and return bounce and glow to tired skin?

The beauty industry has a way of making us feel like we’re not doing enough, that imperfections are undesirable and that we need more products than we actually do.

It's designed so that we feel the need to purchase every serum, cream, scrub, tool and lotion available - and not to mention, there’s always a new trending ingredient, product or device to keep up with.

It’s overwhelming. Whatever happened to the simple act of slapping on some juicy moisturising cream? It’s not supposed to be this difficult.

I’m Haylee, a busy professional, first time mum and I know exactly how this feels. We all want youthful, radiant skin - but to get there it really doesn’t need to be this complicated.


I’ve been exactly where you are, scouring Google for advice on what makes a great skincare routine… 

… walking into a big box beauty retailer seeking a solution for our skin, only to be bombarded with a 12-step system with complicated instructions and run straight back out again more confused than ever!

I don't know about you but I just don’t have the time to play around with multiple serums every morning. Just give me something that actually works but is easy to fit into my day, not the other way around.

Rather than stop here and admit defeat, I decided to design a solution myself.

Armed with a tonne of research and the knowledge that I was effectively going against the grain in the industry, I set out to develop our formulations.

Did you know, all skin requires the same fundamentals to stay healthy and working at its optimal best? The root cause of the majority of skin issues can be traced back to a compromised skin barrier. Protect the barrier first and you allow your skin to do what it was designed to do, preventing issues from developing in the first place.

You may think you have Oily skin? Acne-prone skin? Dry skin? Sagging Skin? Often these are inflammatory skin conditions from a damaged skin barrier.

All of our formulas are developed with a simple principle in mind, designed to regulate and boost natural cellular function so the skin barrier remains healthy and functioning at its best - meaning, it starts to heal and fight off those pesky skin concerns listed above.

We focus on creating innovative products that are multifunctional to deliver skincare that or that serves more than one purpose or more than one area. Think face-grade skincare that's powerful enough for use all over the body - exfoliating products that hydrate, moisturise and fight acne… all packed into a just a few, powerful bottles.

Our approach means less steps and fewer bottles in your routine, saving precious time and the earth, without compromising on efficacy.

Ageless, genderless and so easy to use - this is skincare for anyone who wants results, without the fuss of a complex routine. 

Still need more convincing?

What if I told you we offered a 100% money back guarantee within the first 14 days of purchase. No questions asked.

We back our skincare system to not only save you time, but to actually work. If you’re not happy, neither are we. We believe everyone deserves to look and feel great and to do so without fuss.

Join hundreds of happy Lab of Less customers and get your kit today.

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