Learn: Enzymes and your skin

Learn: Enzymes and your skin

There are a lot of 'old favourites' in the skincare industry. You've more than likely heard of peptides, ceramides and collagen. But we wanted to introduce to you a shiny new ingredient making its way out of the natural skincare scene and well into mainstream. We're talking about enzymes!

Let's start with Bromelain, an Enzyme found in Pineapple.

In skincare, Pineapple deserves more credit than being just a delicious fragrance, in fact, it is a powerful ingredient that delivers active benefits for all skin types.

Pineapple contains bromelain, which studies have shown has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties. In addition to this, bromelain breaks proteins apart which is particularly beneficial for removing dead surface skin cells. It works by breaking down the glue that holds these cells to the outer layer of skin, allowing them to fall off, revealing the smooth skin underneath. This functions the same as any chemical exfoliant (think glycolic or lactic acid) but is so much more gentle as unlike these other acids, it only works topically.

Ever wondered why your tongue often feels prickly after eating pineapple? Thats bromelain digesting food proteins on your tongue.

Our other favourite Enzyme is Papain, which is found in Papaya.

This powerful enzyme works in a similar way, by dissolving proteins, effectively targeting those dead skin and dulling skin cells on the surface.

And, when we get rid our skin of dead cells, the texture of our skin gets smoother, the colour more even, and the gunk gets removed from pores, meaning less chance of acne breakouts.

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